Hey there! As you might have guessed, that girl pictured over there is me. I’m Olivia, the designer and creator of this blog.
I’m a 24 year old California dreamer, a smotherer of cats, creator of all things artsy. I started making messes in 1992 (sorry, Mom) and over the years that inclination towards creative chaos stuck with me. I would not say I have my life together, but I have a pretty solid understanding of my talents and goals.
I studied Graphic Design at Ohio Dominican University where I received a basketball scholarship before deciding to transfer to Miami University. I dabbled in Kinesiology after getting the Starving Artist Talk from my parents, but ultimately decided I can deal with Pizza Roll dinners for the rest of my life and returned to the world of art and design. It wasn’t until after graduation, however, that I realized I truly loved fashion.
You’ll notice this site also contains my portfolio. My “do it all” mentality in the creative world can sometimes get a little chaotic because I quickly jump from one thing to another. However, my main focus is fashion and videography so stayed tuned because this is only the beginning!
Xx Liv