Home Office Dream Closet

Hey all. It has been a while since I have posted on the blog but ever since buying our first home, Jordan and I have been extremely busy with improvements. We are slowly finishing up a major renovation so get ready for lots pictures! I am first going to share with you how I turned a spare bedroom into my dream walk in closet and chic office space.



I wanted to create a bomb clothing and shoe area on a budget because I know closet systems are NOT CHEAP.  I went to Ikea, bought 6 floating shelves at $20 a piece for my shoes then came across a floor to ceiling 3-section unit for clothing which only cost $250. The system is called Elvarli, unfortunately, they no longer have this but you can still search Elvarli for similar units. Wood crates are from the craft store which I have scarves and hats in.


I’m not the cleanest person ever but I do have a pretty minimalist decor style. I love geometrics, lines, shapes, and simple colors with gold accents etc. The biggest question I get asked regarding my office is about my desk. I first found it for $360 but only wanted to spend a max of $200 on a desk. I got to searching and found it on The Mine for $250, still over budget but I was in luck and caught their 20% off back to school sale, which brought it down to my price! The FAUX fur I’m sitting on is from Ikea and the rug is from Costco. We originally were going to put the hardwood flooring in this room but decided to wait until next year so I don’t really NEED a rug on the carpet but it is cute, soft and my cat loves it. The gold skull and round mirror is from Target, their home decor section always sucks me in and if you haven’t yet checked out Joanna Gaines collection there, you should get on that. haha. The chair was $50 bucks from Amazon, however, I do plan I getting a different one. Lastly, you cannot really see the entire poster on my desk but is it from Desenio and if you are looking for wall art, they have an AMAZING section.



Happy Saturday!




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