Power of the Edit

I receive many DMs and comments about how I edit my pictures OR more commonly get asked “what VSCO preset is this?”

I believe that the camera captures the image but editing creates the magic.

To me, a good edit is everything. It sets a photographer apart from anyone who can just snap a picture. Even if you’re wanting a “natural” vibe you can crisp it up and keep that feel.  When searching for a wedding photographer, I didn’t just look at the content. I looked at the lighting, coloring and overall feel. Edits are just as important as the shot itself, if not more.

Why should you stop using phone editing apps? Lets say you take a picture, open up VSCO, put a filter on then save it. Next you open up Snapseed, remove a pimple with the “healing” tool then save it again. Lastly, you open the picture in FaceTune to smooth out those blemishes. Now you are ready to post…but wait… what happened to your picture quality? Your crisp photo now destroyed by little lines was getting compressed each time you saved it. That’s how the phone controls storage. Every app will cause compression upon saving. (unless saving in TIFF, most apps save JPEG) keep it to one app or avoid them all together.

How can you take your pictures to the next level? Well it all depends on how determined you are to do so. First, start with using a computer rather than your phone. I use Adobe Lightroom (which actually does make a very good phone app) and Photoshop if I’m feeling super creative. I know, Lightroom can be complicated and apps like Snapseed or VSCO are simple to use but great things require work. You’ll see a huge difference in your pictures when you start using professional programs. Not everyone will like your editing style but that makes your content unique. If you like it who cares what other people think (unless you work in photography and it’s your boss who doesn’t like the edit, then reconsider).

Below I provided some recent before and after examples. These photos are taken with a Canon 5D Mark VI using a 24-70mm F 2.8 II lens then edited in Adobe Lightroom. On this website I have a before/After photography tab HERE for more examples.




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