Oh, But My Darling…

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 8.01.49 PM


Much to my delight, Jordan agreed to model with me for this classic shoot. I am a total nut for those cute love stories you see in books and movies, and I was thrilled to play up my romantic side. As I prepared for this shoot, though, I found myself lamenting the fact that this kind of love has changed over the years. When did we start hanging out at a bar instead of going on movie dates? Fetching an Uber instead of walking her home? Asking someone out over text instead of in person? What kind of people have we become to let all that good stuff go?

And then I remembered: Jordan and I met in a bar, we live in a city where it’s simply more practical to grab an Uber than walk a mile home on busy streets, and I text like a fiend.

So yes, it’s true that we live in a modern world. But while I was twirling around with Jordan for this photo shoot I was reminded of all the little spontaneous memories we collected over the years, like the date when we just sat on a roof and looked at the stars or the time when we walked around the mall for hours together without even bothering to stop in any stores (a real accomplishment for someone like me). All relationships require work, but it’s the simple, effortless moments that sweeten the experience.

Photographer: Lindsey Dian Photography 






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