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By far the most popular questions I get asked are “what is your workout routine?” and “what is your diet?”

First let me tell you, I started sports in 1st grade. My dad coached my sister and I in basketball all through childhood so we would earn scholarships in college. The gym was a huge part of my life growing up and muscle memory allows me to bounce back fairly quickly even if I do not workout everyday or for weeks at a time. However, there was a point in my life when I weighed 155lbs due to collegiate training and high caloric intake.  The over eating cause my body to have issues with gluten and dairy. When I left college basketball I decide the muscle and fat I gained was no longer of use to me.  I stopped all weight training for 8 months, cut portions in half, ate less gluten, eliminated dairy (Ben&Jerrys makes non dairy ice-cream, you’re welcome) and chose subs and salads over hamburgers for the next year. My body started to feel 10x better with the new lifestyle. I now continue to eat healthier adding weighted and non weighted toning exercises. I sometimes go on and off vegan diets to help me choose healthier options. In this post I included some of my favorite butt/leg, ab, and arm workouts that I do AT HOME in the morning or before bed. I also added diet tips.


Transformation Picture: Left 2013 155lbs// Right 2014 130lbs (the weight I was before College basketball)


I regularly change up my workouts with tons of different exercises. The ones below are what I do more frequently. Some exercises work better for others, you just have to get creative!


I do each exercise until it burns then move onto the next one. Try to do 2-3 sets.

Hip thrust– raise hips to ceiling


Split Hip thrust– hips to ceiling, split legs at the top, bring together and back down. I tend to do this with a band around my knees but if you do enough reps you’ll feel a burn.


One leg butt lift– one leg in air, lift to ceiling. 20 per leg or until you can’t no mo!


Leg rises– get on all fours, stick one leg out and raise up and down. Make sure you you do both legs.. unless you want a lopsided booty.. to each his own.


Bridge dips: get in a bridge and dip your butt to the floor, when you come back up squeeze those gluten and reach your hips to the ceiling.


Fire hydrant leg raises: get on all fours like a dog..lift your leg as if you’re peeing.. like a dog. Lol


Half squats: get on your knees and squat. This is definitely a great one for the gym using a bar/weights .. try doing quarter squats too, which is just like the half but you don’t go all the way up, small quick dips


Side to side leg lifts: ok I normally do this on a bench but I didn’t have one so I’m using an end table I found #TeamNoExcuses. With one foot straight out swing the leg up in the air and around to the other side of your body. Continue to go back and forth


Arm dips: using a chair, small table, stacked books or whatever, put your hands on the edge, butt hang off and dip then back up


Push ups: pretty sure you know what this is but you can get creative and do Spiderman push ups which is when you bring one knee to the elbow when you dip down. 


Burpee push ups: I don’t do this regularly but I love this workout. It was hard to make this in a boomerang video. Jump in the air get down to the floor, push up then jump and do it again.

What you’ve all been waiting for..


Twisted sit ups: alternate each elbow to knee


Classic crunch: quick chest raises, not all the way to knees


One leg over reverse crunch: Wanna know my secret to my side abs? THESE. I start with basic knee to chest reverse crunches then I cross one leg over the other to work my side abs. (Don’t forget to switch legs)


Twisted reverse crunch: I love reverse crunches because it’s harder to develop those lower abs. I tend to work from the bottom up when I sculpt and tone


Heel touches: side to side touching your heels. Another great side ab exercise.


90 degree leg lifts- With legs at a 90 degree angle push them up towards the sky and back down in a fairly quick motion.


Side plank dips: In a side plank position, dip your butt to floor and repeat. Sorry this isn’t the best boomerang,


Disclaimer: I am not a registered dietitian. These are only a few tips I learned from college nutrition classes and Kinesiology courses (which I studied before changing my major to Graphic Design)

I’m not going to straight up tell you everything I eat because you might hate me and it varies every day. Everyones body is different when it comes to food. If you are looking to lose weight, do it the healthy way. Remember, this body of yours works hard every day to keep blood flowing, lungs breathing and limbs moving. Heavily restricted food intake could potentially cause body functions to fail and at that point you end up doing the complete opposite of your original intentions, being healthy!

1. Replace those sweet tooth cravings with more fruit! –I love making fruit smoothies

2. Small snacks throughout the day will boost your metabolism- handful of almonds, blueberries, oatmeal etc (all those help boost)

3. Eat slower and DO NOT over eat. It takes your body 20 minutes to register that you are full. If you eat too much in a short amount of time this may cause that awful, sick, bloated, food baby feeling.

4. Drink LOTS of water through out the day. This helps all body functions.

5. Big breakfast, decent sized lunch, and small dinner.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Do not skip it! Your body just woke up from hours of fasting and it needs energy to get through the day. Your metabolism is faster when you are active which  most often is during daylight hours. Having a large meal at night when you are fairly stationary and relaxed means it will metabolize slower.

6. You CAN eat late at night. Some people think this is bad. It’s only bad if you are not eating the right things. If it’s midnight and I’m hungry, I’d rather have an apple than be uncomfortable trying to sleep on an empty stomach. Just something to satisfy you until breakfast, not another full meal.

7. Eat dessert if you want it, it won’t kill you or make you gain all the weight back. Just don’t over do it. Maybe a small slice of pie or a little bowl of ice cream. Portions are key! — same with cheat meals

8. Try to avoid having too much soda, fried foods, alcohol, chips etc. This stuff is just filler. You do not NEED it despite how good it can be. However, this does not mean you can never have it, just in moderation. I myself gave up alcohol 4 years ago because my body didn’t need it/ didn’t want it. Trust me I do not miss the hangovers.

9. Stay active! You do not need to go to the gym everyday but make sure you are moving EVERYDAY.  If you you have a desk job then stand up a bit, walk around as much as you can (that might even mean standing up while talking on the phone)

10. Believe in yourself! If you think you can, you will. Getting healthy and losing weight starts with a positive attitude! Don’t punish your body if you gain pounds-it’s normal to fluctuate. Also, if you’re doing more lifting, remember, muscle weighs more than fat so forget the number on the scale!


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  1. steliostsk97 says:

    Great workout. From such a great body I can tell it works pretty well. And something else (don’t hate me as I mean it as a compliment and with total respect to a fellow blogger), you have one of the most beautiful and well shaped butts I have seen in my entire life.


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