Waffles & Watercolor

Today was my Waffles & Watercolors event. I love sharing creativity with my friends which led to my first themed party. A Sunday funday brunch. We ate, drank, chatted, and proceeded to paint with watercolors. I am aware not everyone can freestyle paint (my friends biggest concern) and I didn’t want to cause frustration at what is supposed to be a fun event. I lightly drew an image on each watercolor page for them to color in the lines. Pretty simple. We had a great time and I highly recommend planning things, such as this, with your own friend group. It is a good way to hangout and bond at places other than the bar. Below is everything you need for this event.

Brunch Menu: Waffles, fruit display, and BACON!… oh and summer mimosas (lemonade& champagne rimmed in sugar)



Paint brushes

Plastic cups for water

Plastic plates for paint

Watercolor paper

Stencil for picture if you cannot free draw (I drew a picture in marker on one page then held it up the the window and traced lightly to the other sheets)

paper towels




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