Find Me A Time Machine

As much as I live for current trends and styles, I can’t help but to throw it back some days. I like to say I have somewhat of an old soul. I love vinyls, vintage clothing finds and dream of owning a Chevelle. I will always cherish car rides with my dad listening to music that was popular in his day and going to the drive-in movies with my family. Sometimes I think back to my favorite date when Jordan and I met. It didn’t involve spending money or even going somewhere. We just laid shoulder to shoulder on the roof of a house and star-gazed. Moments like that are rare in todays world with the distractions of cell phones, netflix and other technology.  So I dedicate this vintage inspire look to “the good ol’ days”.


Suit and sunnies: Forever21 (sunnies here)

Head scarf: Vince Camuto

earrings: H&M

Hair and photos by Maddie Torres




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